Gday Maltaussies Show 1st of October 2016


  1. johnny galea says:

    I like the show , came to Australia when i was 6 years old, dont remember much of malta ,

    But i always look for land marks and places to c if i can remember .

    i only know of what my mum told me what they used to do .

    i have never been back i am 64 years old n cant even speak maltese but can under stand a little bit .

    thank your for your show .


    johnny :)

    • Joe borg says:

      Hi Johnny,
      Hope you well.
      I’m very pleased that you’re watching the shows and enjoying them, please continue watching the shows and nice to know that you’re on board.
      God bless friend.

      Kind Regards
      Joe Borg (Producer / Director
      Gday Maltaussies Show

  2. Madeline says:

    I don’t know what happened but there is no movement but there is sound .Thanks

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