Gday Maltaufoxtelssies Show Saturday 15th of October 2016


  1. Carmen Bonanno says:

    Well done Joe! Your shows are always very interesting and informative.I’ve been learning a few things and always watch with interest.Keep up the good work. Joe .By the way if there is something on that doesn’t interest me I just go and do something and then come back and keep watching.

    • Joe borg says:

      Hi Carmen,
      Thanks for writing me and I appreciate your honesty, It’s impossible to like everything on the show, I don’t even like everything on the show, however! others do.
      Please keep watching and enjoy the segments you like. PS: If you like something that we haven’t put on the show yet?, please write to me and see what we can do.
      Sahha u Grazzi.

      Kind Regards
      Joe Borg

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